Edmonton, Alberta

My husband and I decided to give King Cattle Beef Company a try, as first we like to support local farmers.

The package that was recommended suited our family perfectly, we don't generally eat a lot of beef, because who can afford a good quality steak these days without breaking the bank.
Very little fat, portion sizes are perfect . The beef itself was excellent quality for the price point.
The New York Steaks and Tenderloin Steaks, melted in our mouths, as we marinated them overnight , (The husband likes them that way).
We bbq 'd them on a low heat, as recommended by Brent. He was kind enough to send us a guide as well on how to prepare the grass fed beef, which was a nice surprise.
The ground beef is a great value, you actually get more beef than fat, by the time you are done cooking it. This really helps when you are meal planning.
We are looking forward to purchasing another package in the near future.
Highly recommended.
Thank you.

~ Elise