Marli Knorr

After a few attempts of getting half a cow for our family and no luck, I found King Cattle on Facebook market place.

I messaged them and within a few hours they got back to me and told me they had the meat, but would just have to check on the amount they had.

They got back to me again that day with, in fact, they did have half a cow that we were looking for and would be able to get it for us in less than a week!

We were so excited to finally have the quality and quantity of meat we were looking for, for our family!

They let me know the cuts and the weight we were getting and even told us about bones and dog food for our pooch! There was an amazing amount of beef, delivered all boxed up and packaged!

We have now been eating like kings and queens for the last week on this wonderful clean grass fed beef!

I would highly recommend King Cattle Company and the beef not only for the high quality and taste of the beef but for their work ethic and business quality!

Support local and keep it here!

Thanks again so much!

We are so happy with everything and will definitely continue to use you for all our beef.

~ Marli Knorr