Naomi Block & Brent Harvie

Naomi Block ~ Life coach & Jujitsu Competitor
Brent Harvie ~ Professional MMA Fighter & Jujitsu Competitor

Three words come to mind ever since buying king cattle products; PEACE OF MIND! Knowing exactly where your beef is coming from, how it is raised and slaughtered is very important to us.

Not only does it taste amazing but the high nutrients and health benefits have shown great improvements to our health. Being athletic and competing in martial arts, it is important that we fuel our bodies with the best quality food we can purchase. Knowing this company has some of the only beef available in Alberta that is BOTH grass fed and grass finished, played an important role in our decision to buy from them.

We found a few different companies selling grass finished beef but what they leave out is the cattle is grain fed most of their life then switched to grass only a short time before slaughter. Buying from King cattle company ensures that we get fully grass fed, high omega 3 rich beef.

They honestly have the best beef jerky we have ever tasted!

King cattle company has supplied us with phenomenal meat and exceptional service.

Buying this beef is always our number one choice. Highly recommend this product.