Rod Parent


Grass-Fed Goodness
Good day folks!

 Well I do have to say the King Cattle Company's grass-fed beef is definitely by far the best Alberta beef I've ever had. I started off by trying the ribeye steaks and I do have to say how impressed I was from the taste and tenderness that came out of them. A few days later, I cooked a couple pounds of the ground beef and made a very wicked meat sauce. How to sample of the hamburger meat beforehand and wow.... so amazing with almost 0% grease.

Finally, I had no choice and excitedly thawed out and cooked one of their juicy sirloin roasts. 2 hours later, I served it up to the family with barbecued potatoes/Caesar salad and boy oh boy was it awesome!
Hats off to King cattle company for a great product 👍
~ Rod Parent – Alberta