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Testimonies and Endorsements


Core Love
Calgary, Alberta
In Jan 2023 I decided to go full Carnivore. Finding King Cattle has been a major help. The beef and bison steaks are incredible and the price is the best I found in the Calgary area. There is definitely no substitute for high quality locally grown meat. Since going carnivore I have lost 60 pounds, my skin looks better and I feel amazing. I used to spend over $1000 on supplements when I was vegan. Now I just eat steaks, no supplements needed. Thanks Brent for always taking care of my specialized orders.


Wayne, Halley & Liam Dicks
Edmonton, Alberta
We came across King Cattle a couple of years ago, and right away we were intrigued. From their mission statement to the values they stood for, we knew they were the right choice. Brent and his team have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with on every order so far. Fair, accommodating, straight to the point and standing behind his team and product every step of the way. Did I mention that the beef is absolutely phenomenal, because it is mouthwatering in every way. Don't pass King Cattle company by, you will not be disappointed.


Maggie Sherlow RO
Edmonton, Alberta
We enjoyed King Cattle from the moment I contacted you. We are so incredibly happy with King Cattle Company! My kids and I thank you so much!The beef is out of this world!It was a wonderful experience from the get go! Martin (their delivery guy) was so professional upon delivery he felt like family! The delivery was on time! Pricing is good but the beef is amazing!The best part is we will only be buying from you...forever!Thanks so much for everything!Definitely going to be spreading the word ( I already have been).


Kimmi Nguyen-Fonseca
Calgary, Alberta
In 2015, I had become my healthiest self after living three months in Southeast Asia. I primarily attribute this to a culture where natural and low processed foods are the norm. Since coming back to the West, my health slowly began to decline once again. I am on all sorts of supplements and medications to reactively "fix" my gut and my health
But why should I live this way?The answer is clear and I already know what works. Food can be medicine, but it needs to be grown or raised naturally, and processed as little as possible. This is why I choose grass fed and finished beef from King Cattle Company. Not only does it taste amazing, but I can rest easy knowing I am being proactive in my health.
~ Kimmi 

Edmonton, Alberta
My husband and I decided to give King Cattle Beef Company a try, as first we like to support local farmers. The package that was recommended suited our family perfectly, we don't generally eat a lot of beef, because who can afford a good quality steak these days without breaking the bank. Very little fat, portion sizes are perfect. The beef itself was excellent quality for the price point. The New York Steaks and Tenderloin Steaks, melted in our mouths, as we marinated them overnight , (The husband likes them that way). We bbq'd them on a low heat, as recommended by Brent. He was kind enough to send us a guide as well on how to prepare the grass fed beef, which was a nice surprise. The ground beef is a great value, you actually get more beef than fat, by the time you are done cooking it. This really helps when you are meal planning.We are looking forward to purchasing another package in the near future. Highly recommended. Thank you.
~ Elise

Don Shepherd
Calgary, Alberta 
Fall Cruise and Alberta Grass Fed BBQ Burgers
Not much else I can give other than we planned this Fall cruise as the weather has been so amazing in Southern Alberta right into October here. Had the top down in the Mustang and it was perfect. Came home to our burger cook-out with King Cattle Grass fed product. The combination of the road trip and the lean, tender and tasty burgers made for a perfect day!
Thanks again Brent!
P.S. the New York steaks we also got from King Cattle were BBQ'd up a week or two ago and were of the best quality beef we have had in some time. Way better than grocery store beef.
~ Don Shepherd

Blanchfield Family
Red Deer, Alberta
King Cattle Company has given our family the opportunity to add grass fed beef to our diet.
With my husband having MS we have been on a health journey to clean up our diet and to consume the best nutrient dense food.

Naomi Block & Brent Harvie
Naomi Block ~ Life coach & Jujitsu Competitor
Brent Harvie ~ Professional MMA Fighter & Jujitsu Competitor

Three words come to mind ever since buying king cattle products; PEACE OF MIND! Knowing exactly where your beef is coming from, how it is raised and slaughtered is very important to us. Not only does it taste amazing but the high nutrients and health benefits have shown great improvements to our health. Being athletic and competing in martial arts, it is important that we fuel our bodies with the best quality food we can purchase. Knowing this company has some of the only beef available in Alberta that is BOTH grass fed and grass finished, played an important role in our decision to buy from them.We found a few different companies selling grass finished beef but what they leave out is the cattle is grain fed most of their life then switched to grass only a short time before slaughter. Buying from King cattle company ensures that we get fully grass fed, high omega 3 rich beef. They honestly have the best beef jerky we have ever tasted! King cattle company has supplied us with phenomenal meat and exceptional service. Buying this beef is always our number one choice.
Highly recommend this product.

Joseph Mercola
New York Times Best Selling Author and Medical Practitioner
"Beef, in its natural grass fed state, is a health food of the highest order." My motivation is to make you as healthy as you can possibly be.
This involves:
Providing the most up-to-date natural health information and resources that will most benefit you. Exposing corporate, government and mass media hype that diverts you away from what is truly best for your health and often to a path that leads straight into an early grave.When I offer or recommend products, I do so because I have actively researched them and find they are the best in that category for your health. I ignore substandard products, and products not directly pertinent to your health, regardless of any potential financial upside.

Marli Knorr
Personal Trainer Manager Motion Fitness
Red Deer, Alberta

After a few attempts of getting half a cow for our family and no luck, I found King Cattle on Facebook market place. I messaged them and within a few hours they got back to me and told me they had the meat, but would just have to check on the amount they had. They got back to me again that day with, in fact, they did have half a cow that we were looking for and would be able to get it for us in less than a week! We were so excited to finally have the quality and quantity of meat we were looking for, for our family! They let me know the cuts and the weight we were getting and even told us about bones and dog food for our pooch! There was an amazing amount of beef, delivered all boxed up and packaged! We have now been eating like kings and queens for the last week on this wonderful clean grass fed beef! I would highly recommend King Cattle Company and the beef not only for the high quality and taste of the beef but for their work ethic and business quality! Support local and keep it here! Thanks again so much! We are so happy with everything and will definitely continue to use you for all our beef.
~ Marli Knorr

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