Testimonies and Endorsements


Core Love

Calgary, Alberta
In Jan 2023 I decided to go full Carnivore. Finding King Cattle has been a major help. The beef and bison steaks are incredible and the price is the best I found in the Calgary area. There is definitely no substitute for high quality locally grown meat. Since going carnivore I have lost 60 pounds, my skin looks better and I feel amazing. I used to spend over $1000 on supplements when I was vegan. Now I just eat steaks, no supplements needed. Thanks Brent for always taking care of my specialized orders.


Wayne, Halley & Liam Dicks

Edmonton, Alberta
We came across King Cattle a couple of years ago, and right away we were intrigued. From their mission statement to the values they stood for, we knew they were the right choice. Brent and his team have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with on every order so far. Fair, accommodating, straight to the point and standing behind his team and product every step of the way. Did I mention that the beef is absolutely phenomenal, because it is mouthwatering in every way. Don't pass King Cattle company by, you will not be disappointed.


Maggie Sherlow

Edmonton, Alberta
We enjoyed King Cattle from the moment I contacted you. We are so incredibly happy with King Cattle Company! My kids and I thank you so much! The beef is out of this world! It was a wonderful experience from the get go! Martin (their delivery guy) was so professional upon delivery he felt like family! The delivery was on time! Pricing is good but the beef is amazing!The best part is we will only be buying from you...forever! Thanks so much for everything! Definitely going to be spreading the word (I already have been).


Don Shepherd

Calgary, Alberta
Fall Cruise and Alberta Grass Fed BBQ Burgers

Not much else I can give other than we planned this Fall cruise as the weather has been so amazing in Southern Alberta right into October here. Had the top down in the Mustang and it was perfect. Came home to our burger cook-out with King Cattle Grass fed product. The combination of the road trip and the lean, tender and tasty burgers made for a perfect day! Thanks again Brent!P.S. the New York steaks we also got from King Cattle were BBQ'd up a week or two ago and were of the best quality beef we have had in some time. Way better than grocery store beef. ~ Don Shepherd



Edmonton, Alberta
My husband and I decided to give King Cattle Beef Company a try, as first we like to support local farmers. The package that was recommended suited our family perfectly, we don't generally eat a lot of beef, because who can afford a good quality steak these days without breaking the bank. Very little fat, portion sizes are perfect. The beef itself was excellent quality for the price point. The New York Steaks and Tenderloin Steaks, melted in our mouths, as we marinated them overnight , (The husband likes them that way). We bbq'd them on a low heat, as recommended by Brent. He was kind enough to send us a guide as well on how to prepare the grass fed beef, which was a nice surprise. The ground beef is a great value, you actually get more beef than fat, by the time you are done cooking it. This really helps when you are meal planning. We are looking forward to purchasing another package in the near future. Highly recommended. Thank you. ~ Elise


Naomi Block & Brent Harvie

Red Deer, Alberta
Three words come to mind ever since buying king cattle products; PEACE OF MIND! Knowing exactly where your beef is coming from, how it is raised and slaughtered is very important to us. Not only does it taste amazing but the high nutrients and health benefits have shown great improvements to our health. Being athletic and competing in martial arts, it is important that we fuel our bodies with the best quality food we can purchase. Knowing this company has some of the only beef available in Alberta that is BOTH grass fed and grass finished, played an important role in our decision to buy from them.We found a few different companies selling grass finished beef but what they leave out is the cattle is grain fed most of their life then switched to grass only a short time before slaughter. Buying from King cattle company ensures that we get fully grass fed, high omega 3 rich beef. They honestly have the best beef jerky we have ever tasted! King cattle company has supplied us with phenomenal meat and exceptional service. Buying this beef is always our number one choice. Highly recommend this product.


Kimmi Nguyen-Fonseca

Calgary, Alberta
In 2015, I had become my healthiest self after living three months in Southeast Asia. I primarily attribute this to a culture where natural and low processed foods are the norm. Since coming back to the West, my health slowly began to decline once again. I am on all sorts of supplements and medications to reactively "fix" my gut and my health But why should I live this way?The answer is clear and I already know what works. Food can be medicine, but it needs to be grown or raised naturally, and processed as little as possible. This is why I choose grass fed and finished beef from King Cattle Company. Not only does it taste amazing, but I can rest easy knowing I am being proactive in my health. ~ Kimmi


Joseph Mercola

New York Times Best Selling Author and Medical Practitioner
"Beef, in its natural grass fed state, is a health food of the highest order." My motivation is to make you as healthy as you can possibly be. This involves: Providing the most up-to-date natural health information and resources that will most benefit you. Exposing corporate, government and mass media hype that diverts you away from what is truly best for your health and often to a path that leads straight into an early grave.When I offer or recommend products, I do so because I have actively researched them and find they are the best in that category for your health. I ignore substandard products, and products not directly pertinent to your health, regardless of any potential financial upside.


Jannie & Judy Langeveld

We never paid much attention to grass fed beef until we read about its properties and benefits. Our curiosity couldn't stop us and we first got the beef Jerky from King Cattle Company. Our family got hooked on the "clean" taste of the Jerky and will continue using only clean grass fed and finished beef. We highly recommend the SUPERBEEF.


Brian & Connie Thomson

Founders of Home of Hope
~ Red Deer, Alberta
Growing up on a farm, we were blessed to have great food from the garden and animals our parents raised. Today it is scary to hear of so many additives, hormones, preservatives and fake coloring that has gone into the meat we buy.We are thankful to have known the owners of King Cattle Company for over 10 years and can say they are great, honest people who are raising fantastic beef that is grass fed, hormone free and very tasty!We encourage everyone to send in an order and give it a try. They promise money back guarantee and free delivery.


Blanchfield Family

Red Deer, Alberta
King Cattle Company has given our family the opportunity to add grass fed beef to our diet.
With my husband having MS we have been on a health journey to clean up our diet and to consume the best nutrient dense food.


Jesse & Tara Fox

FXC Inspections
~ Red Deer, Alberta

Couldn't be more pleased with the King Cattle Company. The ease of the ordering system, friendly , local, and most of all the quality of meat being produced. They have made a client for life and I will definitely be subscribing to their monthly delivery system.


Noah Welch

Elite Athlete ~ NHL, AHL, SHL, and 2018 Olympics
"In a day and age where it is very important to understand where the food we eat comes from, it’s comforting to eat King Cattle Company beef. Completely grass fed from start to finish with no chemicals injected into the cows, we don’t need to worry about the quality of this beef. Quality is important but so is taste. With a simple spice recipe and slowly allowing the roast to cook, my family and I had the best tasting roast I have ever had. Quality of meat should not mean compromising on taste and this is for sure the case with King Cattle Company roasts and ground beef."


Marie & Shane Oro

Fresh Renovations
~ Red Deer, Alberta

Thank you for the SUPERBEEF that we received from you the other day.  It was fantastic!
It was bright red and we knew it was different as soon as we saw it and cooked it up. I made a meatloaf and my husband said it was the best meat loaf he has ever had...lol. 
Could be my cooking but I have made meatloaf before so I'm pretty sure the credit goes to your beef...lol. 
We will have to get some more from you soon.  Thanks again.


Paul Postma

Elite Athlete ~ NHL Boston Bruins
Being a professional hockey player, my diet and nutrition is a big part of my career. Beef is an essential staple of this diet. Eating clean, all natural beef is always a priority, but where does the beef from a grocery store really come from?
King Cattle Company takes all the guess work out and puts me at ease.
Knowing exactly where my beef comes from and how it was raised, it is always my top choice in beef. With amazing quality and delicious taste, it gives me the best chance to have a healthy, successful career, as well as life.


Jesse & Tara Fox

FXC Inspections
~ Red Deer, Alberta

Couldn't be more pleased with the King Cattle Company. The ease of the ordering system, friendly , local, and most of all the quality of meat being produced. They have made a client for life and I will definitely be subscribing to their monthly delivery system.


Darren & Crystal Saxby

Commercial Realestate
~ Red Deer, Alberta

We were thrilled to receive your locally grown Grass-fed beef. Knowing where and how it was grown is important to us. In fact I could see these cattle on my way to work.  The true test for great tasting beef for us is Chrystal’s Salisbury Steak recipe. It was the best yet!  We look forward to using King Cattle SUPERBEEF going forward.


Kathleen Hunt

Red Deer, Alberta
I gauge the quality of great beef by its natural taste. I have never been a fan of barbeque sauce or ketchup and when I brown hamburgers from King Cattle Company, it is good with merely pepper and salt. We eat a lot of hamburgers and there is minimal fat and great flavour. Customer service is prompt, timely, and delivered as promised. Looking forward to trying roasts and steaks!


Sarah Baillie

Red Deer, Alberta
Our first time trying king cattle company’s beef and it was amazing! The best beef I have ever tasted! My daughter who does not enjoy any type of beef ate some of everything we tried and enjoyed it so much she asked for more! Our favourite were the steaks. I highly recommend trying their beef you will not be disappointed.


Robert & Shawn-Ann Bradley

Red Deer, Alberta
We absolutely LOVE the beef that we purchased from King Cattle Company. We love the beef sausages. They are not greasy and they are so tasty. The steaks and hamburgers are very tasty. I appreciate that there is no odour coming from the hamburger meat. I have experienced that when buying store bought ground beef. The beef Jerky is very addictive and easy to chew. You have made customers for life. Thank you for your dedication to providing quality products.


Rhonda Adrian

Young Living Essential Oils

~ Red Deer, Alberta

My lifestyle is promoting healthy living and the food I eat is also very important to me. When I had learned about King Cattle being grass fed and hormone free, I was sold knowing the quality that I would be getting from the meat. I’m not a big beef eater but after purchasing my cow, I LOVE the taste of the meat and they guarantee their product 100%. Also, supporting local farmers is huge to me and having peace of mind knowing that King Cattle is a great company to purchase from.


Josh & Ashley Hill

Hilltop Roofing
~ Red Deer, Alberta

We give it a *****5 STAR rating.
We have been so impressed with the quality of meat from King Cattle. I have tried most all the different cuts now and I can honestly say it all tastes amazing. It's a good feeling when you know the food you are putting into your body not only taste good but is good for your body as well. If anyone is looking for where to get high quality great priced meat this is the place to order. Nothing but the best.


Mindy Alton

Red Deer, Alberta
Eating and Cooking steak at home had been the bane of my existence for almost a decade. My boyfriend grew up on a cattle farm and became accustomed to the best cuts of beef. He would pick apart beef like a picky toddler. We tried several farms in the area that did not live up to his standards before we found King Cattle Company. The beef and customer service is second to none.


Tiara Shewkenek

Red Deer, Alberta
I can say this is the best meat, hands down. I’m severely anemic and have a hard time with meat but after having this beef I can genuinely say it has changed my outlook. The quality and taste are so amazing that even my kids love it and my boys don’t generally eat meat. From our family to yours, I won’t go back to store bought beef - I definitely recommend you give it a try if you haven’t yet.


Steve Schultz

Lacombe High School Teacher
~ Prime Ministers Award For Excellence In Teaching

King Cattle Company Beef is tasty, healthy and satisfying to the last bite. As an environmental high school science teacher it is important to teach and showcase examples of sustainable, environmental practices. King Cattle Company showcases sustainable and environmental practice by: Managed grazing: This Increases grassland biodiversity by regenerating grasses in wild range lands which can't be used as crop land. Weed management: Controlling weeds by grazing and manure management instead of pesticides. Lowering fossil fuel (oil) use: Grass fed cattle reduces grain feed which utilizes gasoline for planting, fertilizer, harvesting and processing. One study shows that a grain fed steer typically consumes 284 gallons of oil. Lowering their carbon footprint: With less fossil fuel use comes less carbon dioxide emissions. Thriving marginal grasslands also absorb carbon dioxide in their growing process. Lowering water pollution: The grasslands and riparian areas act like water filters which lower water pollution from manure. Lowering soil erosion: Managed grasslands have rooted grasses that slow down wind and water soil erosion. Lowering animal stress: Cattle are free to graze on natural, diverse landscapes which lowers the stress of the animals. Providing a healthy source of protein: Studies have shown that Grass fed and finished beef is higher in vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA(Conjugated Linoic Acid), which reduces cancer, obesity and immune disorders.


Marli Knorr

Personal Trainer Manager
Motion Fitness
~ Red Deer, Alberta

After a few attempts of getting half a cow for our family and no luck, I found King Cattle on Facebook market place. I messaged them and within a few hours they got back to me and told me they had the meat, but would just have to check on the amount they had. They got back to me again that day with, in fact, they did have half a cow that we were looking for and would be able to get it for us in less than a week! We were so excited to finally have the quality and quantity of meat we were looking for, for our family! They let me know the cuts and the weight we were getting and even told us about bones and dog food for our pooch! There was an amazing amount of beef, delivered all boxed up and packaged! We have now been eating like kings and queens for the last week on this wonderful clean grass fed beef! I would highly recommend King Cattle Company and the beef not only for the high quality and taste of the beef but for their work ethic and business quality! Support local and keep it here! Thanks again so much! We are so happy with everything and will definitely continue to use you for all our beef. ~ Marli Knorr


Rod Parent

Red Deer, Alberta
Grass-Fed Goodness. Good day folks! Well I do have to say the King Cattle Company's grass-fed beef is definitely by far the best Alberta beef I've ever had. I started off by trying the ribeye steaks and I do have to say how impressed I was from the taste and tenderness that came out of them. A few days later, I cooked a couple pounds of the ground beef and made a very wicked meat sauce. How to sample of the hamburger meat beforehand and wow.... so amazing with almost 0% grease. Finally, I had no choice and excitedly thawed out and cooked one of their juicy sirloin roasts. 2 hours later, I served it up to the family with barbecued potatoes/Caesar salad and boy oh boy was it awesome! Hats off to King cattle company for a great product 👍


Nicole Raincock & Family

Red Deer, Alberta
Thank you for the most amazing beef! My favourite was definitely the New York steaks ❤️. I originally placed an order because of the health benefits from the grass fed grass finished anti inflammatory properties but now I’m just in love with the taste and quality. I feel proud to serve this beef to my family and it has given me peace of mind knowing exactly where my food is coming from and how it’s raised. King Cattle Company is excellent value and the customer service is unbeatable. I’ve just signed up for monthly subscription box and can’t wait to receive my first box. Can’t say enough about how excellent this beef.


Rose Jenic

Red Deer, Alberta
Just wanted you to know that yesterday and today I had the filet mignons. Scrumptious! Delicioso! I am looking forward to trying the other cuts! Thank you for making such a good product.


Justin & Kimberly Flunder

The Flundonian Group
~ Red Deer, Alberta

With three strapping young men to feed we wanted to give our family an opportunity to experience wholesome food that would help each of our sons reach their athletic and training goals. King Cattle Company has met that need. The experience of purchasing our own beef has been effortless, from first placing an order to the delivery of the product. Thank you so much for your high quality premium product and your excellent customer service. We look forward to enjoying your beef for years to come.


Buffy Woods

Red Deer, Alberta
We Really enjoyed the hamburger. Fantastic flavor, less grease in my pan. Can't wait to try more products!


Steve Depta

Red Deer, Alberta
I ordered a family bundle from King Cattle Co.
 The delivery process was great, delivered right my door easy!
 The meat came vacuum sealed, much neater and the meat keeps better in the freezer.
 My sons and I ate the jerky and pepperoni right away and it was very delicious. 
I like the health benefits of grass fed beef and we are always looking for good sources. 
We cooked a cross rib roast in the smoker recently and it was very tasty and lean.


Natasha & The Finnegan Family

Red Deer, Alberta
We try to support smaller local companies as much as possible, and we like that smaller companies really appreciate their customers and take care of their livestock. The portions are perfect and we appreciate the amount of beef we got for the price. The jerky was a bit tough for me and my daughter but Jeff really enjoyed it. Really tender and flavorful beef! We appreciate the cooking instructions too! And the customer service I received was spectacular. Way better quality and price then we would've bought from the store.
Thank you again!


Ellen Caldwell

Red Deer, Alberta
King Cattle Company has Extremely good product and excellent service! This is my great granddaughter and she loves your smokies 😃


Shianne Cabral

Red Deer, Alberta
The quality of the beef is outstanding! Best beef me and my family have had in central Alberta! I would recommend this to anyone who is located near by! Excellent variety and prices! Wouldn’t choose another cattle company!


Isabel Escobarr

Red Deer, Alberta
I choose to buy this beef product, as it is raised naturally and it’s by far better quality then what I’ve purchased in store, also I choose to support small local businesses.