Our Story

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We are fourth generation cattle farmers in central Alberta who are passionate about healthy, natural, grass fed, and grass finished beef which we like to refer to as "SUPERBEEF"! Over the years we have all seen the nutritional value of food in great decline. The quality of food is progressively getting worse and worse as most producers try to push the boundaries in order to get more for less at the expense of the consumer’s health. At King Cattle Company, our priority is family health and nutritional value-period. Over the years we have found out why most farmers don't grass feed and grass finish their cattle. The reason is because the costs to do this are that much greater and it is much easier to feed cattle corn, grain and peas soaked in herbicides. This is obviously not good for the cattle, their body, and their liver nor is it obviously good for ours. The best way to eat beef is the way that nature intended. 100% natural. Free from harmful vaccinations, antibiotics, hormones, and more. Not only are we what we eat, but we are what our food eats. Premium grass fed and grass finished SUPERBEEF is superior in that it contains a much greater amount of rich and healthy omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin E, and various antioxidant properties that greatly strengthen our physical bodies.