Ribeye Steak – $34.00/lb

Ribeye Steak – $34.00/lb

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SUPERBEEF Beef Ribeye Steak is a thick, beefy and flavourful steak that is tender.

It is a tender steak from the Rib with marbling that adds flavour.

Simply season and grill.

When it comes to grilling steaks, keeping it simple is the best approach.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the cooking instructions below!

No matter what cut steak you use, this simple, easy King Cattle Company Steak Marinade will make that steak melt in your mouth and be great with any meal!


  • Sear your steak for only ½ minute per side
  • Remove from direct heat – So its not above a burner that is on
  • Reduce heat to 395℉ (200℃) PLUS but not above 550℉ (300 ℃).
  • Allow more time than you would a commercial steak.
  • Cook slowly and check often until steak reaches desires doneness.
  • Cook it Low and Slow!
The healthiest beef you will ever eat!