Grass-fed Gains Bundle – $332.00
Grass-fed Gains Bundle – $332.00

Grass-fed Gains Bundle – $332.00

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How Will YOU Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals this Year?

Only $332

First thing first, you HAVE TO start eating right...

And the only sure way to do that is to get HEALTHY FOOD in your house where it's easy to access.

If you don't start with this one step, I can almost guarantee you will fail... not because you're not disciplined, but because its just WAY easier and convenient to get fast and cheap food
than it is to prep and cook healthy food.

So before starting a workout routine, or any diet plan you may have,
GET HEALTHY FOOD IN YOUR HOUSE FIRST, so then you can at least start eating healthy.

We can help you attain all your health goals with our new Grass-fed Beef Bundle:
Our 'Grass-fed Gains' bundle is full of THE HEALTHIEST FOOD ON EARTH!

What is the healthiest food on earth?

Naturally grown, pasture raised, grass-fed & finished beef has more bio-available nutrients than most food on earth.

The amount and quality of nutrients within grass-fed & finished beef is mind-blowing.

It's jammed pack full of everything you need to live the most optimal & healthy life possible!

    What's Included In The 'Grass-fed Gains' Beef Bundle?
    Every 'Grass-fed Gains' Bundle comes with the following Local Grass Finished Beef:
    6 lbs of our famous and best tasting, Lean Ground Beef ~ $66
    1 Pack of Short ribs (perfect for an afternoon snack) ~ $16
    4 lbs of Grass Finished Stew Beef (perfect for BBQ kabobs) ~ $48
    2 Packs of our amazing, Beef Frying Sausage ~ $28
    2 Packs of flavor blasting, Beef Maple Breakfast Sausage ~ $28
    2 Packs of Juicy, Beef Cheese Smokies ~ $28
    2 Packs of finger licking good, Beef Honey Garlic Pepperoni Sticks ~ $36

    All of these beef cuts are Premium 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef. Raised right here in Central Alberta.

    We have a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee... so you have full peace of mind*