Grass-fed Starter Pack – $125.00

Grass-fed Starter Pack – $125.00

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Our Farm-To-Table BEEF Will Have You Feeling Young & Healthy

Only $125

Some Grass-fed Beef Benefits:
~Heart Healing~
~Bone Strengthening~
~Metabolism Increasing~
~Immunity Building~
~Skin Rejuvenating~
~Gut Health Replenishing~
If you'd like to start eating healthy local beef TODAY,
try out our Grass-fed Starter Pack!
Our "Grass-fed Starter Pack" is enough beef for you and your family to enjoy 8 to 10 meals.

    Here's What Comes In Every Grass-fed Starter Pack:
    1 x Perfectly Marbled, Grass-fed Beef Roast (3 lbs)
    Perfect For A Hearty Home Cooked Meal ($42)
    1 x Grass Finished, Extra Lean Ground Beef (1 lb)
    Perfect for healthy tacos, burgers, meatloaf, etc. ($11)
    1 x Grass Finished, Nutrient Packed, Stew Beef (1 lb)
    Perfect for kabobs on the BBQ ($12)
    4 x Amazingly Juicy Grass Finished Beef Cheese Smokies (1 lb)
    Good for a quick and easy lunch or dinner ($14)
    12 x Marvelous Beef Maple Breakfast Sausage (1 lb)
    Wake up and make your taste buds HAPPY ($14)

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