Low N' Slow Beef Bundle – $275.00

Low N' Slow Beef Bundle – $275.00

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Low N' Slow Grass-fed Beef Bundle

The Cold Is Here!
So Grab This Bundle And Warm Up
With Your Favorite Hearty Dinners!

Only $275

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What's Included in the LOW N' SLOW Bundle?

    Our Curated, LOW N' SLOW Bundle has the following Beef Items:
    2 Juicy Grass Finished Rump Roasts
    2 Perfectly Marbled Grass Finished Chuck Roasts
    2 Packs of 'Crock Pot' Short Ribs (For Slow Cooking)

    FREE: 4 Quick and Easy, Minute Steaks ~ ($25)
    FREE: 4 Skirt Steaks (Perfect for fajitas) ~ ($28)
    FREE: Shipping ~ (Normally $50)

    All of these beef cuts are Premium 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef. Raised right here in Central Alberta.

    *We have a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee... so you have full peace of mind*