Quarter Bison – from $1400.00

Quarter Bison – from $1400.00

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Total = $1400

1/4 Bison - 125 lbs on the rail (current animals available)

Note: You lose between 20% to 30% weight off the rail weight.

Here are all the cuts you’ll get:

Roasts: (varies as some primals divide into odd numbers of roast)
2-3 x Chuck
1-2 x Sirloin Tip
1-2 x Cross Rib
1-2 x Outside round
1-2 x Inside round

4-6 x Tenderloin
4-6 x Ribeye
4-6 x New York
4-6 x Sirloin
4-6 x Eye of Round
4-6 x Inside Round

1 x Half Brisket
Short Ribs (2 packs)
1/2 Rack Ribs
4 x Stew (1 lb packs)
40-50 x Ground Bison (1 lb packs)
Broth/dog bones
Liver sliced for frying

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